Long Link for the Weekend: Denis Alexander defending the compatibility of Christianity and science

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Denis Alexander is one of the most prominent authors working in the field of science and religion today.  He is Emeritus Director of the Faraday Institute at the University of Cambridge and is currently a member of our Advisory Council.  His book Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose? is a great next step once you’re familiar with the basic issues.

Denis has recently been on a North American tour, doing some speaking at various places.  Last week he was at Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto, where he had a conversation with Larry Moran, who is sort of the Canadian version of Jerry Coyne (who is sort of the American version of Richard Dawkins, and has posted about Alexander recently).  Alexander gave a 30 minute presentation about science and Christianity not conflicting, then Alexander and Moran sat in comfy chairs and talked about it for about an hour, and then took questions from the audience.  This was all recorded and posted to YouTube—embedded video below. Warning: The audio is muted for the first 30 seconds and a bit faint after that.


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