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The seas teem with countless beautiful and wonderful creatures, from the silvery schools of fish that dart through the waters and the mysterious jellyfish who float silently through the deep, to the forest of brightly colored coral that provide a home for many. To what can we attribute such beauty? On the one hand, the seas represent perfect examples of the work of a divine creator. On the other, these creatures are the representation of evolution in action.

Do these two perspectives conflict? Not at all. As French philosopher and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote:

"After close on two centuries of passionate struggles, neither science nor faith has succeeded in discrediting its adversary. On the contrary, it becomes obvious that neither can develop normally without the other. And the reason is simple: the same life animates both. Neither in its impetus nor in its achievement can science go to its limits without becoming tinged with mysticism and charged with faith."

- The Phenomenon of Man
(quote taken from The Hand of God)

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