Sin and Seeking Truth

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Today's video is courtesy of filmmaker Ryan Pettey, director/editor of Satellite Pictures, and features theologian Alister McGrath.

In today's video, theologian Alister McGrath discusses how we can make sense of the world in light of a fallen creation. One way, he notes, is to look for evidence from as many sources as possible, as science does. Certainly, the scientific community does change it's mind on things, but this does not mean we should stop asking, "What seems to be the best way of making sense of things?"

McGrath feels we need to "recalibrate" the science and faith debate. For young scientists who are excited about their faith as well, McGrath has these words: "We need you... because if you don't get into [science], the future is going to be dominated by those who use science as a weapon against faith. Scientists should be willing to follow the evidence where it leads."

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