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At The BioLogos Forum, we welcome both critical and supportive voices, but request that all posts offer something relevant to the posted topic, and not simply be inflammatory accusations or lengthy, unrelated monologues. Our goal is to assure discussions stay civil, open, and balanced.

We ask that before posting anything, you consider whether your comment is: (1) true; (2) helpful; and (3) kind. While the anonymity of the internet can sometimes lead us to say things we wouldn’t in everyday courteous conversation, we ask that you view our comment section like a coffee house, where you can have stimulating but polite conversations with those who may see things differently than you. We reserve the right to remove any comments that we feel are outside the boundaries of civil conversation, and these include comments that attack other commenters, use profanity or other harsh language, steer conversations off topic, or take a hostile or aggressive tone. We also expect fair space to be given to all commenters. Therefore, posting an excessive amount of comments on a single thread, especially if they simply reiterate the same point without adding to the conversation, will result in removal of comments. Likewise, copying and pasting a comment across multiple threads will result in their removal.

If you find other commenters acting rudely or aggressively towards you, please don’t respond in turn, as tempting as that may be. Instead, please use the “Report Inappropriate Comments” tool on the right sidebar to inform us of the offending comments, and we will be happy to take them down if they violate our commenting policy. While we try to keep on top of the discussions in the comment sections, we can’t follow every comment, so we do ask that the community help police itself by reporting comments that have no place in civil dialogue.

Commenters that continually violate the commenting guidelines may receive a temporary suspension from commenting as a chance to cool down and return with a more even temper. Further violations may result in a permanent ban from commenting privileges. While this is a last resort, those who show they are here to simply argue or bully others rather than to discuss things honestly and evenly will find their commenting rights revoked.

For everyone else, we hope that you use the comment section as a tool to explore the meaningful questions of science and faith with other honest seekers of truth.

A Few Tips for Commenting

  • While we no longer impose a character limit on posts, we ask that users refrain from excessively long posts which may be better suited for a blog or personal website. This prevents a single person from dominating the conversation.

  • The comment section is a place for everyone to discuss and debate, not for two or three people to argue. If your dialogue with another commenter becomes too large for the comment section, please take advantage of the private messaging system available to all registered users at The BioLogos Forum.

  • The same guidelines of truth, helpfulness, and kindness apply to text in public profiles and private messages, and accounts found violating them may be suspended by The BioLogos Forum.

For more on how to create and manage an account on The BioLogos Forum and how to comment, please download our Commenting Guide (PDF).

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