Daniel Harrell on Embracing Truth

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In this video, Daniel Harrell affirms that science is not the only way to pursue truth. Rather, truth happens in a variety of different ways and each one ultimately leads to an understanding of God.

In our society, science is a very credible pursuit which lends intellectual weight to any discussion. Whatever we mean by truth, however, Harrell emphasizes that it happens in a variety of ways. What the scientist knows from the pursuit of science is different than what the poet, the theologian, or the businessman knows. If all of these voices could work together in celebration of the reality that is God, then significant change would actually take place.

Looking back at history, Harrell notes that at one time Christian faith did in fact permeate everything, including science. Returning Christianity to that position is an enormous challenge, and, as Harrell admits, may not even be the right thing to do.

Harrell concludes by claiming that searching for truth, whether it is through poetry, science, or art, will eventually bring us to God. As Christians, then, we should be confident in encouraging the pursuit of truth in any route or form.




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Daniel Harrell is the Senior Minister of Colonial Church in Edina, Minnesota. He is the author of the books Nature’s Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith, How To Be Perfect: One Church’s Experiment with Living the Book of Leviticus, and the forthcoming Wisdom of the Saints (And Near Saints): Christian Inspiration from A-Z. He also teaches theology at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul.

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