A Review of “Evolution vs. God” from Reasons to Believe

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Our mission here at BioLogos is to advance the conversation on science and faith through loving, compassionate discourse about the controversial issues that tend to divide Christians.   One such issue is evolution; at BioLogos we hold the position of evolutionary creation, that God acted to create all life using the process of biological evolution.  Other Christian organizations disagree; they question the evidence for evolution or reject it completely, preferring views where God acts directly and miraculously to create life.    

Reasons to Believe is one group with whom BioLogos has had much dialogue over the past few years.  We have the highest respect for the Christian faith, integrity, and character of RTB leaders such as Hugh Ross, Fuz Rana, and Jeff Zweerink.  While BioLogos disagrees with RTB about evolution, our two organizations have found common ground in more fundamental beliefs and values.  We agree that the God of the Bible is the creator of this vast and beautiful universe, and we agree that both the Bible and the natural world are trustworthy revelations from God. We also share a commitment to living out Christian unity, humility, and loving respect for others as taught in the Bible.

Sadly, other Christians behave differently.  Ray Comfort has released a new video titled Evolution vs. God.   While Ray Comfort and RTB share concerns about evolution, their tone and tactics are entirely different.   Today we link to a thoughtful review of Evolution vs. God by RTB’s Jeff Zweerink. As Zweerink writes, “A number of Christians are promoting evangelist Ray Comfort’s new DVD, Evolution vs. God. Although the video contains some valid content, its questionable treatment of science and scientists—with an attack mindset and a goal to make scientists look stupid—causes me to advise extreme caution.”

Zweerink goes on to critique the hostile approach Comfort uses in his interaction with the scientists he interviews—most of whom are grad students, not vetted academicians—and that Comfort’s method, “creates a distorted impression of evolution and evolutionists, especially due to the inclusion of the students’ less articulate answers. Thus, the film seems to lead to the conclusion that those who believe in evolution:

  • cannot articulate the theory in any understandable fashion;
  • do so based on little to no evidence; 
  • accept evolution only so they can follow their animal instincts without accountability;
  • actively deceive others into believing evolution; and
  • do science simply by dreaming things up.”

This, Zweerink says, is not at all the experience he has had when dialoging with Christians in science who accept evolution, and names multiple BioLogos leaders as examples of faithful scientists who do not fit this mold.

The bottom line, Zweerink writes, is no less than this: “In Matthew 7:12, Jesus commands His followers, `[T]reat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.’ It’s the classic Golden Rule. Atheists could easily produce a similar video making Christians look stupid. If, as a Christian, you would find such a video objectionable, then please do not promote Evolution vs. God.”   We couldn’t agree more.

We encourage you to read the full article here.




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