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The BioLogos Forum is designed to foster a serious and comprehensive discussion of Christian faith and the sciences. We believe that charitable engagement of different perspectives within the Church helps sharpen our thinking and deepen our commitment to the truth that is hidden in Christ. So while many of the articles and videos under the distinctive Forum banner come from BioLogos staff and Senior Fellows, we feature a range of voices, including those that disagree with us and with each other. Unless otherwise noted, views expressed are those of the authors, not necessarily of The BioLogos Foundation. You can read more about what we believe here, and join the conversation in the comments section at the end of each post.

The Historical Adam and the Saving Christ, Part 1: Adam as Israel

The Historical Adam and the Saving Christ

In this series, Daniel Kirk looks at Paul’s theological arguments concerning Jesus Christ in Romans and 1 Corinthians 15, exploring to what extent Paul’s statements rest on the historicity of Adam and Eve. He first explains how Old Testament stories relate Israel’s history to the purposes of God in the world. After looking at the Old and New texts, he concludes that Paul is interpreting the Adam narrative in light of Christ and not vice versa. As Kirk finishes his discussion, he scrutinizes Paul’s claims in 1 Corinthians as he searches for their underlying purposes.