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The BioLogos Forum is designed to foster a serious and comprehensive discussion of Christian faith and the sciences. We believe that charitable engagement of different perspectives within the Church helps sharpen our thinking and deepen our commitment to the truth that is hidden in Christ. So while many of the articles and videos under the distinctive Forum banner come from BioLogos staff and Senior Fellows, we feature a range of voices, including those that disagree with us and with each other. Unless otherwise noted, views expressed are those of the authors, not necessarily of The BioLogos Foundation. You can read more about what we believe here, and join the conversation in the comments section at the end of each post.

Southern Baptist Voices: Teleological Arguments, Theistic Evolution, and Intelligent Design

Southern Baptist Voices: Teleological Arguments,Theistic Evolution and Intelligent Design

Dr. James Dew expresses three main concerns about theistic evolution in the initial post in this series: Is macro evolution actually true? How does theistic evolution portray God's creative activity? Is it consistent to reject ID but to affirm the anthropic principle? Dr. Ard Louis responds to these concerns in two follow-up posts.