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Psalm for the January Thaw

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January 18, 2013 Tags: Worship & Arts
Psalm for the January Thaw

Today's entry was written by Luci Shaw. Please note the views expressed here are those of the author, not necessarily of BioLogos. You can read more about what we believe here.

Note: "Psalm for the January Thaw" was originally published in Luci Shaw's volume of poetry Harvesting Fog and also in the journal Image. The poem calls our attention to the processes of rebirth and rejuvenation that we associate with springtime, but that are no less written into the whole of creation. She reminds us that God shows himself not just in the orderliness of nature, but powerfully, joyously and always surprisingly in its beautiful "non-order" as well. "For the Earth is the Lord's, and everything in it. . ." Psalm 24:1

Psalm for the January Thaw

By Luci Shaw

Blessed be God for thaw, for the clear drops
that fall, one by one, like clocks ticking, from
the icicles along the eaves. For shift and shrinkage,
including the soggy gray mess on the deck
like an abandoned mattress that has
lost its inner spring. For the gurgle
of gutters, for snow melting underfoot when I
step off the porch. For slush. For the glisten
on the sidewalk that only wets the foot sole
and doesn’t send me slithering. Everything
is alert to this melting, the slow flow of it,
the declaration of intent, the liquidation.

Glory be to God for changes. For bulbs
breaking the darkness with their green beaks.
For moles and moths and velvet green moss
waiting to fill the driveway cracks. For the way
the sun pierces the window minutes earlier each day.
For earthquakes and tectonic plates—earth’s bump
and grind—and new mountains pushing up
like teeth in a one-year-old. For melodrama—
lightning on the sky stage, and the burst of applause
that follows. Praise him for day and night, and light
switches by the door. For seasons, for cycles
and bicycles, for whales and waterspouts,
for watersheds and waterfalls and waking
and the letter W, for the waxing and waning
of weather so that we never get complacent. For all
the world, and for the way it twirls on its axis
like an exotic dancer. For the north pole and the
south pole and the equator and everything between.

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Luci Shaw is a London-born author, teacher, editor and poet. She travels widely, everywhere discovering and interpreting the sacramental qualities of the natural world—the way the good creation calls us to see glimpses and hear whispers of its good Creator. A 1953 high honors graduate of Wheaton College, Shaw is author of ten volumes of poetry, including the most recent, Harvesting Fog. She has also written or edited many non-fiction books of prose. Since 1988, she has been Writer in Residence at Regent College, Vancouver, Canada. More about Shaw and her work is available here.

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Darwin Guy Dan - #76078

January 19th 2013

To: Those who have moved their holidays up from August 25 to January 25: and to all others.

Indeed. Glory be to God for changes.  But does sin still remain in?

Ho, ho, ho. May it be that Santa has no trouble slogging his way through 25 feet of snow. Ho, ho, ho. Hey reindeer, make the sleigh go! And during this festivus season, may Phycocyanobilin Day give some folks reason. Let there be light to light up the night. After all, tis the season.

Hey Donner. Hey Blitzen. The Peace Corps may need some non-electric washing machines. The one LocalTransportationGuy got has been all right. It cleans. Lehman’s family hardware in Kidron, Ohio is the place on-line to go for such a machine and where several types can be seen. Lehmans com with a dot is quite hot. It’s a place to go. Praise also be to Henry David Thoreau.

Now the Evolutionists would have us believe that life’s ubiquitous symmetries and homologies prove relatedness and common ancestries. But does a snowflake beget a snowflake and on and on such that global warming is of no concern? No, of course not, for goodness sake. Perhaps someday even Evolutionists might learn and learn not to make such a mistake. Get over the ideology. True empirical science is the better psychology.

But kid yourself not. While the oceans are not rancid, a major problem is that all seas may indeed be becoming acid. Regards that airplane pollution, could Emiliania huxleyi be part of a solution? These coccolithophorids produce lots of white—- a gorgeous sight. Let’s pay for that with a pollution tax on each and every flight. But don’t become over fixated on policy. Adjustment to policy has become a hallmark of the aristocracy.

May your holidays be thought provoking but not insane; both sane and not in vane.

Dan Baright, a.k.a. NaturalHistoryGuy / LocalTransportationGuy

Email: DarwinGuyDan at Gmail dot com

wesseldawn - #76093

January 19th 2013

I hope I understand you correctly but the Bible and evolution really do agree, with a twist…according to the Bible, man was of the dust…according to science, man was of the primoridal soup…where is the controvercy? It was only as man entered the garden that it was able to become “more than animal” - so then evolution is correct and the Bible is correct…



Darwin Guy Dan - #79961

May 13th 2013

Wesseldawn #76093 

Due to technical problems, I have not been able to post.  Hopefully said problems have been cleared up so as to allow this to go through.  While communications have been frustrating even without these difficulties, I did want to make my position clear. As I see it, what I term as “Evolution” (which is inclusive of non-trivial common ancestry) is false. 

My primary concern and interest over the decades has not been primarily with the views, theologies, or particulars of any one Christian theology or religion, religious denomination, or other non-Christian religion or philosophy.  Aristotle’s understanding that objects fall to the ground was, and continues to be, true no matter what ideologies or other concerns might cloud the mind.  My additional interest here is to also communicate the reality that words do matter and that, in my view, the muddle regards “evolution” is both bad for Science and bad for Natural History Studies. 

The core definitional idea, common ancestry, of “evolution” (what I have been forced to label “Evolution”) is most likely false.  Thus a more parsimonious naturalistic theory of Natural History is in order. 

As I see it, Darwin did his job well as a Naturalist and as a Scientist.  The blame for error, in my view, falls primarily on the over eager sales and marketing people who adopted Darwin’s views as truth certainty and applied the term “evolution” to Darwin’s views as represented in his ORIGINS OF SPECIES (1859).  The failure has long been in not challenging Darwin’s primary hypothesis, common ancestry, and thus not challenging the view that morphological samenesses (Darwin’s homologies) and later researchers’ discovery of genetic samenesses (homoplasies) automatically imply relationship.  Given all the evidences from the fossil record and modern molecular evidences, it is clear to me that such is not the case and that a more parsimonious set of assumptions associated with global abiogenesis and eventual speciation lead to a more logical theory of the Natural History of life on Earth, Naturalistic Parallelism. 

If there is more I can do to clarify matters, feel free to inquire by e-mail. 

——- NHG, a.k.a.  <DarwinGuyDan at gmail dot com>


Madeeha Hina - #80144

May 15th 2013

The awfully exam collection ccna history of active things afore bodies accustomed on the planet. But evolution–understood actuality to beggarly the accepted coast of bodies and added organisms–presents actual examcollection ccna austere problems for many, conceivably most, evangelicals. This motivates them to ccna vce

Sanyft - #81162

June 18th 2013

These words are so revealing to the readers minds. The poem really takes our attention to rebirth and rejuvenation and creates a happy mood. You have written very meaningful words, and thanks to for sharing it with us.

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