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Origins News Round-up for Friday, February 14, 2014

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February 14, 2014 Tags: Creation & Origins, Education, Science & Worldviews
Origins News Round-up for Friday, February 14, 2014

Today's entry was written by the BioLogos Editorial Team. You can read more about what we believe here.

Having trouble sorting through the overload of articles responding to the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate? This week’s Origins News Round-Up focuses on some of the best selections for those interested in the discussion about the larger issues behind the event, itself, and what was said by the well-known agnostic scientist and creationist Christian.

Wondering what was going through the minds of Nye and Ham before and after the debate? Check out this behind-the-scenes look from ABC to see interviews with both, as well as footage of the Creation Museum. Next up is the article “Letting Go of the God of the Gaps” from The Federalist, challenging young-earth creationists to prove God by showing love to others, rather than pointing to phenomena currently unexplained by science as proof that God exists. Third at bat is coverage of a surprising message from conservative icon Pat Robertson to Ken Ham: Patheos.com reports on Robertson’s comments, which can be summed up as a plea to take scientific discovery seriously. (Robertson also questions Bishop Ussher’s use of genealogies in dating the age of the earth.) Following this is Slate.com’s article “The Creation of Debate,” calling for people of religion to step up as advocates of evolutionary theory in a Christian culture that often tunes out irreligious voices on such matters. The American Conservative offers an especially insightful article separating evolution from evolutionism and creation from creationism, as well as quoting Orthodox bishop Metropolitan Nicholas and BioLogos’ own Deborah Haarsma on the issue. Finally, Forbes has an interesting article on a branch off of the debate: “The Theology of Science and the Internet.” It explores the way the church has historically reacted to technological and scientific advancement, and encourages the integration of science into religion.

Those ready to set aside age of the earth, the fossil record, and biblical interpretation for heart-shaped chocolates and red roses may enjoy these science-friendly Valentine’s Day cards or these DIY Valentine’s Day science experiments. And fans of chemistry and psychology may appreciate this video of a Georgetown University psychologist explaining neuro-chemical processes associated with feelings of love.


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Hanan D - #84525

February 14th 2014

challenging young-earth creationists to prove God by showing love to others

How does that prove God? That proves man can love one another, not that there is a God. If thats all there is, they might as well stick with the God of the Gaps. They will have more luck then.

One of the women was holding a sign saying [paraphrasing] “Did the first single cell organism originate, by chance?” The response was “When we find out, will you then stop believing?” Find out what? That it happened by chance? The key is to show (somehow) that it was not by chance. Chance is not a recipe for a theistic idea of God. 

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