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Introducing Our New BioLogos Commercials

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June 7, 2013 Tags:

Today's entry was written by the BioLogos Editorial Team. You can read more about what we believe here.

We’re pleased to introduce the first official commercials for BioLogos, produced by Ryan Pettey of Satellite Pictures and featuring BioLogos vice president Jeff Schloss, philosopher Alister McGrath, and theologian NT Wright.

The commercials will hopefully be airing on television in the near future, but we wanted to give our blog readers a sneak peak! They’re a great introduction to our work here at BioLogos, and we encourage you to share them through email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Tumblr, Pinterest, or any other website you can think of!

“Mightily Hands On”, featuring Jeff Schloss and Alister McGrath (0:30)

“Beethoven Symphony”, featuring NT Wright (2:30)


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beaglelady - #80808

June 7th 2013

Nice, but the first commercial is cut off abruptly at 30 seconds.

Loren Haas - #80837

June 8th 2013

   So, is this going to play on the Christian Nerd Channel? I think that the choir will appreciate these, but everyone else is going to be scratching their head and thinking, “What was that about?” Seriously, who are you trying to reach?

Stephen Mapes - #80897

June 11th 2013

They’ll be playing alongside US broadcasts of the Faraday Institutes’s “Test of Faith”, so it will be a bit of a self-selecting audience. Certainly, you won’t be seeing them on major broadcast networks any time soon.

glsi - #80852

June 9th 2013

I think these would work well on one of those community-access cable channels.

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