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God Did It (But I Don’t Exactly Know How the World Was Created)

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June 10, 2013 Tags: Creation & Origins
God Did It (But I Don’t Exactly Know How the World Was Created)

Today's entry was written by the BioLogos Editorial Team. You can read more about what we believe here.

Carolyn Arends recently wrote an article in Christianity Today that we thought our readers would appreciate. In it, she writes about a difficult conversation that many Christian parents have with their kids. It’s the conversation about creation—we believe God made the heavens and the earth, but did God really do it in seven literal days? If God used natural selection as one of His creative processes—does that mean that humans really evolved from monkeys? How does it change the way we read the Bible, if we choose to accept the conclusions of modern science?

These are tough questions, and Arends provides some helpful insight on how she’s handled them with her own kids.


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JF (jesusfreak.pl) --- - #80869

June 10th 2013

The best argument against God-controlled evolution I’ve heard is that evolution needs death and death is a natural and good part of it. But Bible shows us that death is a result of sin and is opposed to God and His plan.

R. Bailey - #80963

June 12th 2013

JF, I am afraid you are not alone in making this assertion, which is actually an assumption.

The Genesis account is indeed revelation to us, but it is not full revelation. Note that in the same passage the “Curse” is announced on the serpent “he shall crush your head, and he shall bruise your heel”. We have no problem seeing Christ as the one who is spoken of here, though “he” is not named in the “plain reading”.

Likewise about death. “You shall surely die” is not necessarily physical death! Adam and Eve did not immedately die after sinning! There are two important theological ideas we must keep in mind, one in the Garden, and the other through Jesus.

In the garden (Genesis 2:9) are TWO trees. The other famous tree is often overlooked. “The Tree of Everlasting Life”.  Why this tree in the garden if Adam and Eve were already “undying”?  See Revelation 20 for full details on what that tree does.

Next is John chapter 3. Jesus tells Nicodemus that he must “be born again”. Nicodemus makes the obvious jump to physicality “How can a man go into his mother’s womb and be born again?” Then Jesus gives Nicodemus a lesson on God’s Cosmology that includes the integral but invisible “spirit world.” Being born again is giving life to the dead spirit of man.  And where did that spirit die?  Yes, the Garden.

Augustine and others have made this point before me, it is not new. But when we start dealing with cosmology we tend to get wrapped up in the physical side of the equation and forget that the entire cosmos of God includes “Heaven and Earth”, and not just Earth.


Death may indeed be appropriate and necessary part of the physicality side of the two-part cosmos we live in. Death in the spirit world also appears to be something that occurs (to all of us!). What does Paul say about death “Oh Death, were is thy sting? Oh grave, your victory?” If death before the fall had no sting, it was a simple transition from one type of existence to another which could be avoided by eating of the tree of everlasting life!

Unfortunately, our forebarer’s did not choose to eat of that tree first, and spiritual death ensued. The Tree of everlasting life was removed by God’s mercy so that we would not live an eternally damned life without hope of spiritual regeneration!


Praise God for that!

Thank you for letting me preach on my soapbox…


R. Bailey - #80965

June 12th 2013

Sorry My mistake: “You shall bruise his heal, and He shall” crush your head”

Stephen Mapes - #80970

June 12th 2013

We actually address this question in our Questions section: “Did Death occur before the Fall?” http://biologos.org/questions/death-before-the-fall

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