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October 5, 2011 Tags: Biblical Interpretation

Today's video features Michael Ramsden. Please note the views expressed here are those of the author, not necessarily of BioLogos. You can read more about what we believe here.

Today's video is courtesy of filmmaker Ryan Pettey, director/editor of Satellite Pictures.

In today’s video, Michael Ramsden of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics discusses the humility and openness we need to have before we approach Scripture. Ramsden encourages us to continually question to what extent our paradigms of Scripture can be open to change, lest we end up defending paradigms rather than what Scripture actually says.

The question, says Ramsden, is not if we should use our minds when reading Scripture, but how we can use them. Obviously there are things as Christians that we must hold to, but we must be clear as to what those things are. The fruit of the spirit, Ramsden reminds us, are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, and ever as “uncompromising” Christians, we must be sure that these virtues still shine through.

Commentary written by the BioLogos editorial team.

Michael Ramsden has been European Director of RZIM Zacharias Trust since its foundation in 1997. He also is Director of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and Lecturer in Christian Apologetics at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. While at Sheffield University doing research in Law and Economics, Michael taught Moral Philosophy and lectured for the International Seminar on Jurisprudence and Human Rights in Strasbourg. He has been invited to lecture to a variety of groups including the White House staff in Washington, D.C., leaders at NATO HQ in Brussels and members of the European Parliament.

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Roger A. Sawtelle - #65446

October 8th 2011

Michael is exactly right.  Our understanding of the Bible is not the same as the Bible. 

Mirth - #65450

October 10th 2011

A couple of other references to talks by Michael Ramsden I have found interesting :



S. Scott Mapes - #65606

October 19th 2011

A wonderful example of how to make profound points in a brief period of time.  (Perhaps more pastors ought to learn at Michael’s feet, at least on that point.) 

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