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Does Science Have Room For Miracles?

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June 6, 2009 Tags: Divine Action & Purpose
Does Science Have Room For Miracles?

Today's entry was written by the BioLogos Editorial Team. You can read more about what we believe here.

If we accept a scientific view of the world in which fixed physical laws hold true, how can we believe in miracles? After all, miracles are a suspension or interruption of these laws by God. For example, is there a scientific way to explain the parting of the Red Sea? If so, does it cease to be a miracle?

Francis engages the question in an interview with Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn of Closer to Truth. He cautions against overuse of the word "miracle." For example, while beautiful and perhaps inspiring, the blooming of a flower is not miraculous, as a scientist can explain the precise genes and chemicals that cause the flower to bloom. However, Francis reminds us that while the prior of a true miracle -- in which the physical laws really are suspended -- is very, very low, it is not zero.

Ultimately, Francis asks three questions. "Do you believe in God?" "Do you believe in a God who is at least in part outside of nature?" "Do you believe in a God who is still active in modern times?" If the answers are yes, miracles are only a short jump away.

The full interview can be found on Closer to Truth's website, along with a plethora of other interesting and insightful videos. For more on BioLogos and miracles, be sure to read Question 11.

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Philip R - #16521

June 5th 2010

My understanding of a miracle is the occurrence of the improbable. Using probablistic reasoning, miracles have a place in science. When God intervenes he causes nature to move. Even if the parting of the red sea can be described as the result of a simultaneous earthquake and volcanic erruption, it was a highly improbable occurrence - miracle. Healing of the blind, deaf, lame are improbable but occured - miracle. Turning water into wine can perhaps even be scientifically reproduced but the conditions are unlikely left to purely routine, probable natural progression - miracle. The existence of life on earth seems improbable when considering the vast amount of planets, stars and galaxies that appear to be uninhabited - miracle.

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