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Conversations in Creation

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September 14, 2012 Tags: Christian Unity
Conversations in Creation

Today's entry was written by the BioLogos Editorial Team. You can read more about what we believe here.

Note: It’s been a little over three months since the BioLogos/Highway Media collaboration From the Dust made its worldwide debut, and since then we’ve been excited to hear how others have been using the film to jump start their own conversations on science and faith with fellow Christians. Yesterday, we heard about David Vosburg’s experience using the film and his downloadable study guide in the college setting, but today we’d like to highlight reviews from two other authors: RJS of the blog Jesus Creed and Ruth Bancewicz from the team at Test of Faith. We’re hopeful the film can be a resource for the Church for years to come as we together wrestle with how modern science and traditional Christianity can be harmonized.

From Jesus Creed:

“The subtitle of From the Dust is “conversations in creation” and this subtitle reflects the primary purpose of the film. The aim is to start a conversation and to open minds to the issues involved in the questions of evolution and creation, but to do so in a fair fashion. I don’t mean that the film takes no position on the issue – the film clearly intends to make a case for evolutionary creation as consistent with the Christian faith, and in fact as the preferred option. But it does so without misrepresenting or vilifying those holding alternative views. […]

I think the film will work best when followed by open discussion over several sessions, preferably led by Christians with expertise in science and theology. This is something I hope to be able to do as opportunities present themselves, but there are many scholars and teachers around the country capable of leading the discussion.”

From Test of Faith:

“This beautifully produced documentary navigates the difficult ground of the creation-evolution debate graciously, honestly and with rigour. […]

The message of From the Dust is that it is possible to be a sincere Bible-believing Christian and accept what we know through science, particularly evolutionary biology. The approach used is to show both sides of the argument, interviewing representatives of different points of view, before coming down firmly on the part of theologians and scientists who see no clash between faith and evolution. In this feature-length documentary, Pettey and his collaborators have combined authoritative interviews with scholars, pastors and teachers with creative visuals and music to produce something that is eminently watchable and should promote helpful discussion among many, both in and outside of the church.”

From the Dust is available now from Highway Media. DVD copies are $20 and Blu Ray copies are $25. Beginning in October, From the Dust will also be a free gift for tax-deductible donations of $50 or more to The BioLogos Foundation.

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