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Confessions of an Evolving Baptist

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January 14, 2014 Tags: Biblical Authority, Biblical Interpretation, Christian Unity, Science & Worldviews
Confessions of an Evolving Baptist

Today's entry was written by the BioLogos Editorial Team. You can read more about what we believe here.

Today’s post features a linkout to an article we recently came across on the popular “The American Jesus” blog, by writer and researcher Nathan Hale.

In it, Nathan describes what, for him, was the most crucial aspect of coming to terms with evolution while still remaining a devoted Christian. After a year-long intensive search for the truth about evolution, Nathan became convinced that evolution has occurred and is God’s process in the natural world. But that wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was convincing friends and family that accepting the scientific explanation for biodiversity did not have to threaten his faith.

Eventually, Nathan realized where the heart of the problem really lies: “In the midst of the chaos I stopped and asked myself a simple question – who said I had to choose and why?”

Read the full article here: http://theamericanjesus.net/?p=11179

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Chris Longbine - #84269

January 21st 2014

Many years ago I was a very committed young earth creationist who believed that you could not be saved if you believed in evolution because it meant that you did not believe the Bible which meant that you did not believe God. It was equivalent to calling God a liar and turned the Genesis account into a myth, a mockery. I could see the whole world turning against God. When I decided to go back to school (in the biological sciences) I didn’t know what was awaiting me. Over the course of the next four years my faith was devastated and I courted agnosticism. I finally figured out that it wasn’t wrong to have tough questions. God is wise, not some pouty baby who can’t handle our questions. It was wrong to ask them and then not attempt to answer them. I spent as much time re-studying scripture as I did on my classes. Today I am an absolute believer in the evolutionary process and an absolute believer in the truth of God and Jesus Christ. And as hard as it was on me, my poor wife had to endure so much confusion and misplaced anger (toward the church). In my opinion, the forced literal reading of Genesis 1, making it a science text, is the single greatest mistake of the modern protestant church. But then I am deeply personally invested in it, too.

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