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“Centered”: The Language of Science and Faith

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November 18, 2011 Tags: Christianity & Science - Then and Now

Today's post features Karl Giberson. Please note the views expressed here are those of the author, not necessarily of BioLogos. You can read more about what we believe here.

In a recent interview with the Sirius XM radio show Centered, Karl Giberson, co-author of BioLogos' The Language of Science and Faith, sat down with host Don Belanus to discuss the book and the interplay between science and faith. Among the topics they cover are what constitute the "genuine questions" of science and faith mentioned in the title and whether the age of the earth should be a top priority for pastors to discuss with their congregations.

Dr. Karl Giberson is a physicist, scholar, and author specializing in the creation-evolution debate. He has published hundreds of articles, reviews and essays for Web sites and journals including Salon.com, Books & Culture, and the Huffington Post. Dr. Giberson has written or co-written ten books, including Saving Darwin, The Language of Science & Faith, and The Anointed: Evangelical Truth in a Secular Age. He is currently a faculty member at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts, where he serves as the Scholar-in-Residence in science and religion.

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Roger A. Sawtelle - #66128

November 19th 2011

Interesting program.

As I think I have said before.  BioLogos is limited by chosing a goal, teaching science to evangelicals, which is short of what is needed.

The distinction between science which is interested in “facts” and faith which is interested in meaning is a sound one and needs to be developed.  There is no real conflict between the facts and meaning as I see it, even though both sides try to make it seem that way. 

BioLogos should challenge those thinkers who say that the facts contradict the meaning of faith and those religious leaders who claim the same thing.  That means that they must define the meaning of faith and how the universe works as determined by science.   


Dunemeister - #66129

November 19th 2011

Roger, where did you get the idea that Biologos’ only goal is to teach evangelicals science?

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