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2012 ASA Presentations

The following presentations were given by BioLogos staff at the 2012 American Scientific Affiliation

Science, Faith, and Facebook: How Online Communications Can Improve the Dialogue

Presented by Stephen Mapes and Michael Marcacci

The growth of social media outlets and online blogs in the past decade has fundamentally changed how society, especially the younger generation, discusses the “big questions” of our age: including questions about origins and science and faith. While the opportunities for engagement are plentiful, starting and running a dialogue through online tools can be a daunting task for anyone, regardless of their technical savvy.

In this short presentation, we will cover some of the basic free tools available to scientists, pastors, and leaders for fostering online discussions, including how best to use them to reach an audience. We’ll also look at some of the potential problems and challenges that arise when using these tools, as well as how best to make sure conversations stay focused, civil, and beneficial for everyone involved.

BioLogos Workshops for Science Teachers in Christian Schools

Presented by Darrel Falk

The BioLogos Foundation exists to show that mainstream science and the Christian faith (including our own evangelical faith) exist in harmony. Over each of the last three summers, the Foundation together with Point Loma Nazarene University has sponsored workshops for science teachers in Christian schools. Teachers come to the college campus for one week over each of two successive summers and many also participate in an online component during the academic year. Teachers in the program have a variety of perspectives on the age of the earth and the mechanisms by which God created life's diversity.

The program is a professional development opportunity where teachers study a particular topic (developmental biology or organismal diversity) in considerable detail. Since all work is done within the context of mainstream biology, and not all teachers subscribe to this view, the program fosters a spirit of Christian unity through worship and biblical study despite the diversity of perspectives. The four goals of the program will be described with an emphasis on how Christians can comfortably discuss views about which they disagree in a respectful and loving community.