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BioLogos has been at the forefront of presenting evolutionary creation as a faithful response to the Bible and the created order. More and more people are finding their story through BioLogos. These are stories of pastors, teachers, students, and seekers—real people who have been encouraged and guided along their faith journey because of our work.

Mark Folta

“Today, I teach the theory of evolution fearlessly, thanks largely to the insights I have received from BioLogos and its community of scientist-believers. I was strongly influenced by publications from Dr. Francis Collins and Dr. Ken Miller as well as other members of this important ministry. Identifying with a community of scientist-believers such as BioLogos, gives me additional resources to offer my students who struggle with embracing evolution. The resources offered on BioLogos’ website are invaluable to students who hunger to read and learn from scientists who are believers.”

Mark Folta, Public High School Biology Teacher, Lakota East High School, Liberty Township, OH Read More
Pastor Shiao Chong

“The faith-versus-science dichotomy is very much alive at the campus I serve. Both Christian and non-Christian students are caught in this simplistic either-or framework, and I have found this to be an intellectual barrier to both holistic Christian discipleship and to evangelism. The work and examples of Christian scientists at BioLogos break down this barrier as students begin to see how science is not inherently an enemy to Christian faith. Therefore, I thank God for BioLogos’ work and ministry.”

Pastor Shiao Chong, Chaplain and Director of Leadership, Culture, and Christianity, A recognized student club at York University, Toronto, Canada Read More
Natasha Strande

“I was unsure how I would be able to reconcile my scientific views and newfound faith until I discovered BioLogos. These resources fueled my hunger to learn more about our Creator and stirred a passion in me to be an advocate for the unity between science and faith and to help others. I am forever grateful for the mission of BioLogos and all of the resources this ministry provides. My life would not be same without this organization.”

Natasha Strande, PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics, 2013, Post-doctoral fellow, University of North Carolina Read More
Dr. Dean N. Smith

“My involvement with BioLogos has transformed not only my understanding of origins but also brought me a fresh perspective to faith, science, and life. The people who have shaped the message and ministry of BioLogos, including Francis Collins, Deborah Haarsma and Darrel Falk, have helped me migrate to a vibrant faith that makes much more sense. With wisdom and humility, BioLogos has bridged scientific truth to the conservative evangelical world by stimulating informed, constructive conversations allowing me to preach on Genesis 1-4 with honesty.”

Dr. Dean N. Smith, Senior Pastor, The Highway Community Read More
Stephen Blake

“BioLogos is one of the most important ministries in existence, because it so strongly and effectively addresses one of the most formidable crises the church faces today. As militant skeptics aggressively wield science to batter the church, question the gospel, and attack the faith of believers, BioLogos defangs their arguments by exposing the philosophical presuppositions behind them, and demonstrates the consonance and harmony that exist between what God has revealed in His word and what He’s revealing as we explore His creation.”

Stephen Blake, Filmmaker and President of Realm Entertainment Read More
Diane Sweeney

“My father was a chemical engineer and my uncle was a research chemist. Science was a common topic at the dinner table. We are all devoted Christians who loved to take hikes and visit National Parks and wonder at God’s creation. I became the first teacher in fifty years at my Christian school to teach about evolutionary creation. It was one of these students who years later introduced me to BioLogos. He told me to check out this website because they ‘sound just like you’. And that is how I found my home at BioLogos.”

Diane Sweeney, Academy Biology Teacher, Punahou School, Honolulu, HI Read More
Pablo De Felipe

“At a time when the internet is overcrowded with all sorts of information and misinformation on every topic and the origins issues are no exception, it is good to have the BioLogos website where you can be sure that the information is dealt with by experts. Such a place should be considered an important resource both for Christians working in the sciences, and also for non-scientists who want to have good information on origins topics by fellow Christians who know the material first-hand.”

Pablo De Felipe, PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain), Centre for Science and Faith, part of SEUT Faculty of Theology Read More
Jeff Hardin

“By providing books, online resources, and digital media of high quality, BioLogos is an invaluable resource in my work with both Christian students and those investigating Christianity. Christian students discover a community of thoughtful fellow believers as passionate about their walks with God and his word as they are about the latest scientific discoveries. Students investigating Christianity find credible, authoritative coverage of scientific topics from an unapologetically Christian perspective, sweeping away tired categories. In BioLogos, both types of students see modeled before them a Psalm 19 way of thinking: that both God’s world and his word declare his glory. I am grateful for BioLogos and its mission; it provides a crucial service to Christ and his church, and helps faculty like me to be salt and light on the university campus.”

Jeff Hardin, Chair of the Department of Zoology, University of Wisconsin, Board Member, BioLogos Read More
Dr. Mark D. Roberts

“As a parent, I am deeply grateful for the work of BioLogos and for its impact on my family. Not only have my son and daughter remained firm in their faith, but also they have been encouraged to share with others what they have learned from the BioLogos community. I see BioLogos as an invaluable resource for parents who want to help their children grow as thoughtful, faithful Christians who make a real difference in today’s world.”

Dr. Mark D. Roberts, Executive Director of Digital Media, Theological & Cultural Steward, Foundations for Laity Renewal Read More

“BioLogos is proving to be that one ‘necessary’ resource which affords me the opportunity to speak to those inconvenient hermeneutical issues which so often divides the church. What I have tried for decades to make palatable to those who would give me a hearing, BioLogos seems to effect so effortlessly. Surely the Holy Spirit has gifted the church with some ‘sound minds’ in addition to those other gifts commonly found in epistolary lists. Thank you.”

Stephen Cloyd, B.S. Zoology, M.A. Exegetical Theology, Adjunct Instructor of Biblical Hermeneutics and Biblical Ethics, Sangre de Cristo Seminary

“It is great to have an organization finally develop resources to address the issues between science and faith. I
teach genetics and developmental biology at a small state university in
Texas and I always have students asking about their faith and evolution. Like Dr. Collins, I went from being an atheist to being a Christian and it is amazing how many of my students are struggling with the same thoughts that I had with my initial spiritual journey.”

L.R., Genetics and Biology Professor, Texas Read More

“I was born into a bad home, but was adopted by great Christians. They raised me to believe in God and the Bible, but it was difficult for me. I questioned the Bible and if God was real. I was assigned to create a project in school about atoms. I tried lots of websites before I came across BioLogos. The resources made me want to learn more about our real Creator and I soon realized that even though the Bible may sound silly to some, it’s really not. I am thankful for the mission of BioLogos. My life would be totally different if it wasn't for BioLogos.”

B.M., Student, 2013-2014