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Ross Hastings

Ross Hastings is the associate professor of pastoral theology at Regent College in Vancouver, B.C. He teaches in the areas of theology, preaching, the theology and spirituality of mission, science and Trinitarian theology, and ethics. He also teaches and preaches at conferences in North America and internationally, and especially in Africa where he grew up. He has earned two doctorates: one in organo-metallic chemistry at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., and the other in theology at St. Andrew’s University in his native Scotland. He has served as a pastor in Kingston, Burnaby, B.C., and Montreal, Que., and for eleven years was the senior pastor of Peace Portal Alliance Church in White Rock, B.C. His theological dissertation is a comparative study of the Trinitarian theology of Jonathan Edwards and Karl Barth. Ross has published the book Missional God, Missional Church: Hope for Re-evangelizing the West (2012) with IVP Academic.

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