Our Team

The leaders of BioLogos believe that the findings of modern science are compatible with Christian faith. View their Presentations and Interviews to learn more.

  • Deborah Haarsma

    Deborah Haarsma

    Deborah Haarsma serves as the President of BioLogos, a position she has held since January 2013. Previously, she served as professor and chair in the Department of Physics and Astrono... Read More >

  • Jeff Schloss

    Senior Scholar
    Jeff Schloss

    As Senior Scholar of BioLogos, Dr. Jeff Schloss provides writing, speaking, and scholarly research on topics that are central to the values and mission of BioLogos and represent BioLo... Read More >

  • Kathryn Applegate

    Program Director
    Kathryn Applegate

    Kathryn Applegate earned bachelor’s degrees in biophysics and mathematics at Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana, where she co-wrote an undergraduate biophysics textbook ... Read More >

  • Brad Kramer

    Managing Editor
    Brad Kramer

    Brad grew up at church, listening to his dad’s sermons and filling his schedule with youth group, camps, and Bible studies. At a young age he became curious about creation scien... Read More >

  • Laura J Landmann

    Director of Operations
    Laura J Landmann

    Laura J Landmann received a master's degree in International Relations and Human Rights from the University of Kent in the U.K. and a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Westm... Read More >

  • Michael Overby

    Advancement Officer
    Michael Overby

    Michael has been interested in the conversation about science and Christianity since his time as a staff member with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at state universities in Minneso... Read More >

  • Chris Stump

    Content Development Coordinator
    Chris Stump

    Chris Stump serves BioLogos as Content Development Coordinator. With a master’s degree in education and years of experience teaching college math, she is well suited to coordina... Read More >

  • Jim Stump

    Senior Editor
    Jim Stump

    Jim Stump is Senior Editor at BioLogos. As such he oversees the development of new content and curates existing content for the website and print materials. Jim has a PhD in philosoph... Read More >

  • Lisa Tudor

    Communications Specialist
    Lisa Tudor

    Lisa comes to us from a Christian non-profit organization that specialized in providing services and products to Christian schools throughout North America. While there, she managed b... Read More >

  • Edward B. Davis

    Fellow for the History of Science
    Edward B. Davis

    Ted Davis is Professor of the History of Science at Messiah College, where he teaches courses on historical and contemporary aspects of Christianity and science and directs the Centra... Read More >

  • Darrel Falk

    Senior Advisor for Dialogue
    Darrel Falk

    Darrel Falk is Senior Advisor for Dialogue at BioLogos. He is the author of Coming to Peace with Science: Bridging the Worlds Between Faith and Biology and speaks frequently on the re... Read More >

  • Dennis Venema

    Fellow of Biology
    Dennis Venema

    Dennis Venema is professor of biology at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia. He holds a B.Sc. (with Honors) from the University of British Columbia (1996), and re... Read More >

  • Nate Allen

    Graphic Design Intern
    Nate Allen

    Nathanael Allen is a senior at Grand Valley State University (Allendale, MI), persuing a bachelors degree in graphic arts and design, and is currently serving as a graphic design inte... Read More >

  • Mahala Rethlake

    Editorial Intern
    Mahala Rethlake

    Mahala Rethlake is a graduate of Bethel College (Mishawaka, IN), where she studied Philosophy and English. She is currently serving as an editorial assistant at BioLogos and is planni... Read More >