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The 2017 BioLogos Conference will run from Wednesday evening through Friday evening. Times are subject to change. Additional agenda details will be posted in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, March 29
3:00p-5:00p     Conference check-in
6:30p-8:15p      Welcome, Plenary 1
8:15p-9:30p      Worship, Closing
Thursday, March 30
7:30a-8:30a      Conference check-in
8:30a-10:30a    Worship, Plenary 2
11:00a-1:45p      Plenary 3, Lunch
1:45p-3:30p       Workshops
4:00p-6:00p      Plenary 4, Worship
Friday, March 31
7:30a-8:30a       Conference check-in
8:30a-10:30a     Worship, Plenary 5
11:00a-12:30p    Breakout Session 1
12:30p-2:00p     Lunch, Poster Sessions
2:00p-3:00p      Breakout Session 2
3:30p-6:00p      Plenary 6, Worship, Closing


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